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User without photo

Reliable company! The communication was smooth during the entire project. Fast response and fair quote. Quality work.

User without photo

Excellent service by this guy. RE-coloured our composite door as we didn't like the colour from buying the house. Brilliant job. Now he's going to recolour our uPVC windows too. We didn't know you could do that.

User without photo

Just had my house painted by these ladies I must say fantastic I have already booked them in to do the outside of my house, great stuff girls

User without photo

You want to be confident that the people you entrust to care for and educate you little ones, can indeed do so. We can truly say our daughter loves going to nursery every day, and we are always happy to hear of the exciting things she has been doing. She’s been going to Play & Learn since 2014, when she was 6 months old, and has flourished amazingly during this time. I believe she will truly be ready to start school because of the efforts of Play & Learn – It will be a bittersweet day when she leaves to start her next adventure at school. They always offer a wide range of structured activities focused on their ethos that children learn through play and are very creative - she's always coming home with something! The staff are really switched on, professional and friendly, giving consistent feedback and excellent advice when necessary. The facilities are excellent, and everything is always so clean and tidy. I would DEFINITELY recommend this place to anyone looking for a local nursery.

Steve Bern

Just to say, a heartfelt thank you for all your support on the weekend. You have been fantastic. The whole approach from start to finish was on the money! You kept us fully informed of how best to run the event and gave us practical insight on things we had not even thought through.

Loved the service and the staff were impeccable so thank you. we would be delighted to work with you again.

Kind regards


Matt Caplan

Paid Gaz a few hundred pounds to check some wiring in a top floor bedroom that i needed to obtain retrospective planning for. He took 8 months after having been paid to send a certificate. Made up constant nonsense excuses as to why it was taking so long. When the certificate was finally passed onto the council they rejected it because he isn't properly certified! Haven't had any money back off him or any solution. AVOID this joker, hes basically stolen the money that I paid for this job and led me on for the past 8 months with a pack of lies!

User without photo

This is a summary of why I warn and recommend you not to purchase any vehicles from this seller.

• Multiple mechanical faults.
• Wiring loom fault.
• Safety First: Dodgy brakes, spongy and non-existant.
• Battery was drilled (Unheard-of) and doesn't hold charge.
• Central locking problem.
• Sunroof leaks.
• Came without a stereo.

Storey of what this seller did to me.

It only took two 5 minute phone calls before I trustingly transferred £1650 directly into his account. The car was delivered as arranged but I was surprised to enter the driver’s seat to discover a whole in the dash where the stereo should be. This shocked me as I questioned him about the stereo the two times I called him and he repeatedly stated that it had a CD player but could not assure me what kind as he has so many cars and fails to remember audio specifications. I took this as a sign that there are hidden faults I was yet to be made aware of and wished I had listened to my girlfriend who advised me not to purchase the car after she overheard him yelling at me over the phone (which was not on loudspeaker) the first time I called him.

I took the car for a test drive after checking it over as thoroughly as I could and was alarmed at the state of the brakes. The pedal was spongy and the delivery was so subtle that the brakes where virtually non-existent. After parking it and locking it for the first time and revisiting it the following day and was unable to unlock the drivers door and had to enter the (two door) car through the passenger’s side to unlock the driver’s door.

After all the apparent problems where identified and the lack of money needed to repair the faults I purchased a cover so I could cover it up and attend to it when I have the funds and time. I knew that the battery would be drained if I left it in an unused car for months and attempted to remove it. To my surprise I realised a screw sticking out of a hole that was drilled in the positive anode. This was obviously an improvisational technique to mask the fact that the dead battery fails to hold a charge as well as a major wiring loom defect.

I have knowledge about some cars with sunroofs and after all the problems I discovered I instinctively decided to empty a bucket over the roof and was expecting it to leak. It leaked as expected, which was contrary to his reply when asked if the roof leaked. One of my neighbours is a retired mechanic and did me a favour by checking out the mechanical side of the vehicle. He informed me that the underside of the car was quite rusty and that the engine cannot be relied on which answered the question of why it backfires when decelerating.

When I called him about the car he stated that the backfiring was a result of the tuning a properly modified car exhibits. I probed about the missing stereo and he promised to post me one after rudely denying that he did not state the car had a stereo. After two weeks of waiting for a stereo I called him again and he replied that he left the dispatch with an employee and would swiftly forward me a tracking number. After another long period of waiting he stopped answering my calls and replying to my text messages. I called him from a colleague’s phone and he answered to say that that same day he would call me personally. I tried to call him again and he failed to answer. The last time I called him was from another colleague’s phone and he hung up immediately after I mentioned who I was.

I am currently in the process of reporting him to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency after the DVLA advised me about the unsafe state of the car and the gross negligence he showed by not sending off a change of ownership slip to transfer the registration. If you are seriously considering buying a vehicle from him or paying him for services this review is a warning to you. I will conclude by emphasising the valid opinion that you go elsewhere.

User without photo

We paid Bespoke Appliances £142 to replace our broken fridge motor. It broke again after only four months and they told us the work was only guaranteed for three months and any further work would be fully chargeable. They provided no paperwork, no receipts and no explanation of warranty. Avoid this company at all costs - they are cowboys and crooks!

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