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Fab service arrived within 20 mins and the locksmith was very honest and helpful. I didn't feel he was trying to sell us something we didn't need and showed and explained what had caused the problem with our lock. Would highly recommend to anyone. The price was good.

User without photo

Recommend this service. My dog Luna really enjoyed her stay.

User without photo

Incompetent and dishonest teacher. I paid in advance for piano lessons, he'll never give !

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Do not pay!
If you are in a residential area, owning or visiting the property check your Freehold or Leasehold which parking terms for you and your visitors precede anything from this lot!
Pursuasive caes in court against them.

Stephen Gaylor

Everything went according to plan, from Mike the director who called to measure and price, then Derek who installed the windows and doors. Great product, that has made a big difference to the look of the house. I Would recommend to my friends. Oh and the price was half what Everest quoted us.
Anne Denham

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Best in Widnes

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They have a class at Bexhill Amature Athletics Club (TN39 4HU) on a Thursday night 20:00 - 21:30 and another class at Sidley in a church hall (TN39 5HG) on a Monday night 19:00 - 20:00 (weapons specific) & 20:00 - 21:30 (general)

The Sensei (Teacher) is called 'Paul Barker' and is phenomenal, the whole group is very welcoming and helpful. The Sensei teaches a very traditional style of Aikido with a focus on the practical use and also teaches with weapons too [Bokken (wooden sword), Jo (wooden staff) & Tonto (wooden dagger)].

I went to my first class on Thursday and absolutely loved it! as I said all the guys at the class were very friendly and helpful, not to mention patient with me being a total novice and lead me through all the exercises very well.

I would definitely recommend Aikido Circle to anyone who has ever considered taking up a martial art or even just wants to be more active or keep fit!

Colin Mcneill

the service from this company was great luxury 8 passenger seated vehicle arrived on time and the price was low compared to others with smaller vehicles. I would def recommend this company and will use them again

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